• February 5th, 2020

Many people complain that the practice of natural medicine is too expensive.  We at Natural Solutions are committed to helping all people enjoy the benefits of staying well.  Over our 25 years of really hearing our clients, it is evident that the old paradigm of “the overpriced work up” or “too much lab testing” does not equal better results.  Just as one size does not fit all, one approach does not fit all!  The key to helping people feel better, in our opinion, is to really listen and prioritize their concerns.  Tammy shares that one of her favorite mentors once said, “Too much preliminary testing is like painting your house while the garage is on fire!!!”  Makes sense, right?  It is also important to stay in communication with your medical providers and not rely on “Dr Google” as your definitive expert.  Functional Food For Thought!  Cheers to living your healthiest life and staying positive along the journey.