• December 1st, 2016

Look in your medicine cabinet and ask yourself these questions about vitamin supplements;  Are you taking the right vitamin supplements? Are you taking too many vitamin supplements? Are you spending too much money on supplements with fillers and additives? If you answered yes, we can help.

You don’t eat fast food everyday, so why are you taking a “fast food” vitamin supplement that could be toxic?

When it comes to supplements, quality matters! Too much of a ‘GOOD THING’  

can often be a bad thing. I believe it is best to get most vitamins and minerals from clean healthy food, but unfortunately we live in a fast paced world and don’t always get what we need from food. It is wise to select a whole food non-synthetic supplement. We realize this can be confusing.

Call us to schedule a 15 minute supplement audit to help you eliminate what you don’t need and keep what serves you best. Best of health to you!